Wednesday, October 20, 2010

CSN Upcoming Review!

Everyone by now knows about CSN! They have over 200 online stores! Including a bar stool store,pet store, home improvement store and many many many more!! If you have never heard of CSN head over to there website and take a look!! You will be there for more than a few minutes TRUST ME!!! I absolutely love CSN! I have had a great experience with them! I ordered a wallet as a birthday present sent it back and got a new promo code no questions asked!! That's great service!

They have many different types of bar stools. Many different heights,colors,woods and metals!!!
                                                                 Kiss Bar Stool
                                      They have a variety of bar stools for anyone!

                                                                 Rustic Cedar Stool

                                                             Rustic Cedar With Back

They have many types of everything to choose from!! And I think that every bar stool has free shipping!! Don't quote me on that because I am not positive but all the bar stools I looked at were free shipping!!

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presley2 said...

I love the Kiss bar stool....I am going to check out this place...thanks for posting