Saturday, May 2, 2015

Schick Hydro Trim Style

I received a Schick Hydro Trim Style Via BzzAgent. I have never been a fan of Schick simply because they are expensive even the disposable ones, and since i use coupons you know i want a good deal. So I never would have bought one of these unless the coupon was a good one. But since i got one for free I decided to try it and I Love it!! Its very different not like all the other razors to me... it comes with the jelly stuff on the razor its self(not very sure what its called guess i could look it up!) Anyway it comes with a trimmer on the end to trim the longer hair which is awesome.. My husband trimmed his beard with it when i very first got it in it worked really well hair is not that long so i could not really try that part out... with it having 5 blades its a very smooth shave and my legs and stuff stay smooth and silky all day an night. I don't even use shaving cream....and i have to shave every day for some reason my hair on my legs grows some kind of crazy.... i have left this razor in the shower for about a week and the battery operated trimmer still works just as good as it did when i very first got it .... and one added bonus is it does come with a battery.

so all in all if you dont use a razor to shave your bikini but use one to shave your legs this razor may be for you! I personally am fine with a razor and not a trimmer combo.

These are my opinions no one payed me anything i received the Schick hydro trim style free of charge for a review from Bzz Agent!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Well since ive been away i have now started couponing and have been doing it for a while. I dont know how many other people are couponers but i absolutly love doing it...i get all kinds of stuff for free and cheap as dirt... my family never has to buy the everyday things you would use,we dont stress if there is no shampoo in the shower or toothpaste, all we have to do is look in a tote find the kind you want and your ready to go! its so much fun to be able to walk into a store and your total be well over 150 and come out only spending 50 or less (i have not masted getting them to pay me money yet). i come home with all kinds of goodies... somethings ive never used and somethings i use all the time... its worth a try when you get it cheap or free and worst thing comes to worst i can give it to a family member or someone else in need.

Yet again im back....

Well last time it did not go so well with me wanting to come back and now im going to get dedicated again this should be my relief spot i guess.. lots of things have changed in a year and now im more stressed than ever... i did get a new job!! Yay! not so stressed out about a job anymore... i work 5 min from my house which is AWESOME!!! who can say they can leave work five min till and be there on time...Not many!

anyway enough rambling ill be back soon ....