Sunday, September 25, 2011

~Christmas Already?~

Wow it is really almost Christmas where did this year go!? Yea I know we still have too get through Halloween and Thanksgiving but those holidays are right on top of us! Halloween is just around the corner and then Thanksgiving!! and then the mother of all seasons CHRISTMAS!!!

I love love love Christmas and I love the movie " A Christmas Story" I watch it all year long! I love it! Do not ask me why but I do I cannot explain my love of that movie to anyone not even the love of my life! But he also loves the movie but I do not think as much as I do!! I like Christmas Eve and Christmas Day because ALL day on " ABC Family" I think, not possitive, is "A Christmas Story" and I watch it over and over and over again!

But anyway! I can not wait for all the Holidays and I hope that everyone is getting in the spirit because It will be here before you know it!!!

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