Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pictures From Today!!

These are some pictures from around the house I took while we were outside enjoying the coolness!! They don't look wonderful my camera is not that GREAT!!! I could use a new one!!!

So glad that it is fall tho! Aren't you??? Cool breeze,colorful trees, and early darkness!

 This is my uncle leaving my house! On his tractor of course!! LOL!! I love to watch tractors go down the road!!

Theses are some grape vines that I don't think ever did anything! I think they just grew and grew!!Too Bad!!

This is my moms dog Kirie I named her when I was young... she is named after the girl on Kingdom Hearts....She is a Siberian Husky

This is Chigger!! This is my baby! She does everything with me!! Sleeps,Eats, Goes were I go!! Just does everything!! She got up on some farm equipment I guess smelling other dogs! Who knows!?! Oh and yes she wears clothes,shoes,and socks and just about anything else I can get on her!!!

This is just a picture over the yard!! Very pretty tho!! It was late in the day the sun was going down!!!

I will post more pictures keep checking back!!! I am just getting started!!!

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