Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Well since ive been away i have now started couponing and have been doing it for a while. I dont know how many other people are couponers but i absolutly love doing it...i get all kinds of stuff for free and cheap as dirt... my family never has to buy the everyday things you would use,we dont stress if there is no shampoo in the shower or toothpaste, all we have to do is look in a tote find the kind you want and your ready to go! its so much fun to be able to walk into a store and your total be well over 150 and come out only spending 50 or less (i have not masted getting them to pay me money yet). i come home with all kinds of goodies... somethings ive never used and somethings i use all the time... its worth a try when you get it cheap or free and worst thing comes to worst i can give it to a family member or someone else in need.

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