Saturday, May 2, 2015

Schick Hydro Trim Style

I received a Schick Hydro Trim Style Via BzzAgent. I have never been a fan of Schick simply because they are expensive even the disposable ones, and since i use coupons you know i want a good deal. So I never would have bought one of these unless the coupon was a good one. But since i got one for free I decided to try it and I Love it!! Its very different not like all the other razors to me... it comes with the jelly stuff on the razor its self(not very sure what its called guess i could look it up!) Anyway it comes with a trimmer on the end to trim the longer hair which is awesome.. My husband trimmed his beard with it when i very first got it in it worked really well hair is not that long so i could not really try that part out... with it having 5 blades its a very smooth shave and my legs and stuff stay smooth and silky all day an night. I don't even use shaving cream....and i have to shave every day for some reason my hair on my legs grows some kind of crazy.... i have left this razor in the shower for about a week and the battery operated trimmer still works just as good as it did when i very first got it .... and one added bonus is it does come with a battery.

so all in all if you dont use a razor to shave your bikini but use one to shave your legs this razor may be for you! I personally am fine with a razor and not a trimmer combo.

These are my opinions no one payed me anything i received the Schick hydro trim style free of charge for a review from Bzz Agent!

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