Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Eating Time!!!

Here come all my ducks out of the pond waiting on me too feed them! As soon as I walk out side and talk they all come running!!!

Here are some of my ducks eating dog food! They love dog food and sometimes rabbit food! They are crazy!

 Here are some more of the ducks!! Very hard to get all of them in one picture! Yes I have a Afro duck! She is precious! 

This is one of my Rouen boys! I only have two Rouen drakes! He is the bigger of the two! 

 My Rouen boy duck, a Chicken, and another duck!
Yep that chicken has feathers on her head .. I can not think of what she is called for the life of me!!

There are some more of the ducks. The Jumbo Peking is a mess he thinks he is a human he will come up and eat out of my hand and nibbles at me all the time and wants to be right underneath me all the time!

She is not supposed to be in all these pictures but its okay! This is Snicker-doodle my Lions Mane Female Rabbit!! She is a little crazy and does not like to be held! I also have one other rabbit I need to get some pictures of!

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