Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What I Did The Other Day!

So the other day while it was cold out! I decided I would give some of my chickens a place to get out and run... the "barn" with the open door was what they were in so I wanted to be nice and let them be able to get in and out as the please!

 And this is what I did ... I just took my old dog pen and took three panels and boxed the chickens in ... or so I thought .. I had A feeling that they would get out and that would be the end of that till I could catch them.... So I left for a minute.. Yep they got out but luckily my hen went into another pen and I chased my other roster that I wanted with her all along in there with her! 

This is my hen and one of my roosters... he is not the one I wanted with her so when she got out I caught a White rooster and put them together! 

 I also acquired a goat. I had a pygmy goat and I let some of my friends keep her so she would have friends and she got pregnant and this is her baby .. because this year she was pregnant ( the other goat) and she died with those babies so they gave me her 1 year old for her to be mine. I hate that my other goat died but I do love this goat...she is mean and rough but I can only try and work with her and get her to do better...

And last but not least the ducks... they are taking a nap! I have gotten 2 or 3 more eggs out of them ALL are in the incubator will be posting pictures of the process before long... I have just today been able to see an embryo


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Elizabeth said...

Aw I love your goat, he's adorable.

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