Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pup Light Review And Possibly A ?Giveaway?

I would like to think that just about everyone now a days has a pet or two. A dog or cat? And of course you have trouble at night seeing them when you let them out to do there "business." Well the very nice people over at pup light have helped the problem of not seeing your pet at night.

But since I have loads of animals I had to try different things! I wish I could have got pictures of all the goofy things I tried! I used the pup light on my goat,cat,dog,rabbit,chicken (Yes I said Chicken!)!

 But anyway! The pup light is a wonderful thing to have, we live out in the country and we have no lights anywhere except the porches, but everyone knows when you let your dog out they run WAY out there where you cannot see them and you yell and yell and stomp and scream for them to come back! Well that will happen no more with the pup light! The pup light has LED lights that are wonderful. My dog can run and run and run and I ALWAYS know where she is, if I do not see anything other than the light jumping up and down at least I know where she is!

This is the package that it comes in. I was antsy so I opened it before I took a picture! Oh well! 

This is what the pup light looks like when you get it out of the package.

 The pup light comes with an extra "link." So for your bigger,fluffier dogs can also wear the pup light!

 This is just the light, small yet powerful!

So all in all I love my pup light! It is a wonderful product to invest in! You think right now that you will never use it, or it will just get messed up or some other excuse! But it will not break easily, or at least mine has not and if you get it muddy or wet it still works, mine does!
Please go to Pup Light  
and let me know why you would like to win... what does your dog or other animal you plan to use it on do that makes you want to win/buy a pup light!
Oh and also just for fun what color do you like? 
Extra Entries
1.Tweet my giveaway and leave a way for me to see it and leave the address... (3 entries)
2.Are you a GFC follower of me?? (4 entries)
3.Add my button on your blog and tell me where I can find it (5 entries)
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I have not confirmed with Pup Light that I will be doing a giveaway so... if you want go on and enter and if there is one you will be set and if not I am sorry!I do believe I will have a giveaway! I will let everyone know ASAP!

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