Monday, April 25, 2011

Duck Egg Hatch Along (part 2)

Our duck hatch along is doing very well! I am very happy that it is going so well I really did not think it would.. the only reason I even doubted myself was my incubator has been acting very crazy and I have hatch ONE!! ONE!! chicken all year... I have had it going for 2 months!!! I hope these really work out!

     These pictures were taken the day before yesterday... I have not been able to get on since all the storms and all!

  These pictures are of 3 day old duck egg that we have been following....

 This is the embryo growing in the egg... you can see the veins and the embryo in the middle!
This is a better picture... the embryo looks like a spider. Ya think?

I love to watch my eggs evolve into chickens,ducks and all the other wonderful things eggs turn into.!

I am doing this to show people who would love to know how this happens and does not have a way  too see it.

I hope everyone enjoys this...please comment and let me know what you think and let me know if you want too see something else like this on the blog.

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