Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Duck Hatch Along Part 3

Okay so today the duck is changing! Not a lot yet! But it is!

 This is what the embryo and veins look like now..the egg is getting darker and the veins are getting longer!
 Here you can tell that there is something growing in the egg you can see the top part is dark, thats the part with the baby, and the bottom part passes light through
And this is another way you can tell your egg is fertile... if you cannot see through the egg its fertile...if you can see through it and it has been in the bator for a week its not fertile

I hope that there is someone out there reading and watching this! I hope who ever it is is enjoying this...I love to watch this happen.. I have never kept this much of a tab on it but I think I will also learn some other things as everyone else will learn something new!!

Please comment if you like or not...


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